Preview: All Stars Have Eyes

you are cordially invited to sneak preview
a new night at the Enormous Room


Enormous Room
Friday, August 27th

Visuals provided by sQuare productions. Snythian, washed-out dance funk from Easy [a k a Tim Osman, a k a David Day].

Until 2am, All Stars provides a respite from the world outdoors. Dim lights, slideshow visuals and warm sounds of cold edits. Brand new smoothed and groovy electro, house, disco. + new clubrock hits. The kind of night you don't want to tell people about, because it's yours. A soiree and we'd love you to attend.

Friday night at Enormous is always a party, and All Stars Have Eyes intends to continue the guest DJ tradition, bringing up talent from New York, down from Montreal, all around New England and, of course, the best from Boston. After a revamped sound system and a new video projector, the always engaging Enormous Room is now better than ever. Add to that the supple, harmonic DJ sets from Easy and the photos of ALG and it's a good reason to hit the town...

All Stars Have Eyes. A special impromptu preview this Friday at Enormous.

music from: Ghostly, Kompakt, DFA Records, Domino, Fat Cat, Playhouse, Traum, Perlon, Turntablelab.com, Other Music, Forced Exposure, Output Recordings, Star Trak, Clone, Plant, Zero G Sounds, and a healthy selection of dance classics...

After eavesdrop and Diversion at River Gods, this is Amy Lee Grill and David Day's new party at the Enormous Room. We'd like to make this a regular thing, so bring someone you might dance with.


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