All Stars Have Eyes debuts Friday

you are cordially invited
to the inaugural edition of
the new Fridays at the
Enormous Room

sQuare productions



Friday, September 24th
Enormous Room
567 Massachussets Ave.
10pm - 2am

Join us and the Enormous Room staff for a 4 hour mix of dance music, as All Stars debuts a new kind of dance party. During our previews in September we've tailored the set list, tested the segues and... oh yeah... bought a goddam tonne of music... now we can mix it for you.

In the weeks ahead, expect eclectic guest DJs primed for the A.D.D. world. DJs from Bosstown, New York, Canada and all around New England. The new mix is one that switches things up, drops party favorites but respects cutting-edge rhythms. DJs like Diplo [and Hollertronix, Philly], Too Many DJs [Belgium], DJ Language [NYC] and Optimo [UK] have marketed this eclectic mix style, and this Friday Easy [Boston] will join the fray.

All Stars is about that new sound: expertly selected, top-shelf jams and hits. A set that can adapt swiftly and change gears without slowing down.

Hey, we'll even take requests...

After all, it's not about a respecting one genre and it's not about naming a scene. It's about having a party.

Stop by on Fridays, come early, stay late.

... and join the party

all st*rs have eyes

sounds by easy, slideshows by amy lee grill.
only $3.00