eavesdrop Up at sQuare

We put up our old eavesdrop site, complete with weekly emails and pics and such over at our site. Eavesdrop was a weekly listening party, complete with giveaways and two DJs a week we had over at River Gods. Fun to read through some of those old emails. We had numerous events, including listening parties for everything from BPitch Control to Soul Jazz and local-artists-as-DJs included Chris Brokaw, Neptune and Alex McGregor. I believe eavesdrop ran for about a year and a half.

River Gods, now a Cambridgeport staple, is one of the better pubs in Cambridge and continues to support new music and new music events. If you haven't been in a while, maybe it's time for some of their award winning fries and sounds. Thanks to River Gods for their continued support and dedication to the scene. 125 River St. in Cambridge.


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