Galoppierende Zuversicht live set; Swiss Miss

Swiss phenoms Galoppierende Zuversicht, who trampled over this years Mutek festival recently played out in San Francisco at the Kontrol party. Galoppierende Zuversicht is translated as "Galloping Confidence". Styro2000 and bang goes (the two guys in GZ) hop behind their equipment as if on a horse, really, and their exuberance is as contageous as the flu.

Kontrol put up the LIVE performance here.
(right click to save)

One thing Gallop-ee-ren-day Zoo-ver-sitch made abundantly clear was the rising tide of Swiss techno making waves in int'l waters. Labels like Imploz, Bruchstuecke and clubs like Weetamix are fast becoming words people are learning to pronounce.

Mental Groove, one of the hottest-tipped labels on the earth, recently posted a whole host of mixes from the likes of St. Plomb, Water Lilly, Crowdpleaser, &c. Get them while you can:

Mental Groove

Their latest export is a half-tibetan/half-european girl named Kate Wax:

Alps is melting.


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