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A few posts ago I made mention of the Disco saint Arthur Russell, a boy from the heartlands who went on to record some of the most cutting-edge dance music ever written. His is an atypical story of heartbreak and overlooked talent but what he did leave behind was a collection of songs people will cherish for generations.

(Thanks in part to labels like Audika Records in NYC, which is single-handedly reviving some of the songwriters lost tapes and out-of print classics.)

One such OOP Classic comes from the from the quite difficult to find yet widely-heralded Disco Not Disco compilation, Volume I. "Tell You Today" is a 7 minute yarn of horn stabs, conga-line percussions and... slidewhistles. The beat is infectious, as cowbells lead your hips from side to side, trombones plod like circus elephants and exuberance leaps from the disco bandshell.

Teased throughout with the "Tell You" hook, the vocals appear like magic towards the end (almost 5 minutes in) lilting and melodic:

Walking down the street, I knew it was my chance
A chance today
New shoes on my feet, I thought that they could dance
Dance away
It makes me come alive, I remember, the look of sadness on your face.

But that was before,

I want to
Tell you

Loose Joints - "Tell You Today"

Russell's reissues and more can be found at websites like OM or at any self-respecting download shoppe. It's all magic.


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Disco saint--lovin' that term! Digging the blog, too, man!

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