Pure as New York Snow

As happens every two weeks, our night of dance music shift down the street in Central sQuare tonight to the Enormous Room and all st*rs have eyes.

Last night at Middlesex was packed, as Erik Pearson and I turned knobs clockwise until they stopped. Thanks to the fine folks at the Middlesex who, despite some cranky tippers, still managed to keep the crowd happy.

We did our part, also, especially with help from Mylo, the Scottish supergenius who stormed dance floors early last year with his album Destroy Rock and Roll. Since, he has worked remix after remix into the crates of the world's best DJs. His current world-wide smash (er, the world sans our country), is "In My Arms", a splendid filtered disco number that cherry-picks the best 80s riffs and puts them into one spotless <4 minute pop chune. (I heard last night that after 15 months, the album might come out in America this year. Remarkable.)

In the meantime, create a folder on your hard drive, name it Mylo, and get everything dude has ever done.

The sparkling main riff comes from Kim Carnes and "Bette Davis Eyes" one of the only pop hits from the 80s with neither an electric guitar solo nor a saxophone solo. Imminently listenable.

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes


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