Last week, The Boston Phoenix began running a column written by yours truly. You can read it here.

The new issue out today has the second column. This will be a weekly thing. It's called Circuits and it's designed to give the long-overlooked Boston electronic scene some regular coverage. It will also include scenemakers and beatmatchers, from the electronic music promoter to hip-hop DJs.

Add circuits@squar3.com to your local announcements list if you please.

And check out this page for more photos of Köln.

Oh, and speaking of Köln, here's a track we heard everywhere, from Hawtin throwing it out towards thousands, to Koze making it at 5am, to the very shop Kompakt itself when people started to nod their heads like Republicans.

And with good reason, it shines and shines. From the fire-fueled Poker Flat label. Greek techno. Luciano-style, naturally.

Argy - Love Dose (Luciano Remix)


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