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To be sure, the documentary we are making here at sQuare productions does not revolve around a certain type of electronic music (like, say, the exquisite microhouse of Montreal/Mutek), but rather the different communities which are developing and the sounds those communities are supporting, as well. Like electro-house.

Electro-house is a fevered, ecstatic 4/4 sound that is as dynamic as rock, as pulsing as Chicago acid house and usually ropes in vocals, shouts or other exuberance. So tagged because in incorporates the digitalis of electro (the vocoders, the acid beats, the booty bass) with the boompty-boomp. It's pretty much what I play out, and what US producers are starting to glom onto. And with good reason.

The scenes developing around this type of sound include communities like BPitch Control, and figures like Erol Alkan, and Damian Lazarus. There are a few duos as well like Tiefschwarz and the whole reason for this post: Simian Mobile Disco.

Turns out, Simian Mobile Disco is playing in Boston (well, Cambridge, but whatever) this Thursday. We'll be sending out the details about the show via the sQuare productions email list tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can find an exclusive mix inside the picture above, or here. And here's a track which was featured on our promotional, handmade 2CD set sQuare sound II.

It goes "1!... 2!... 3!... 4!"

Simian Mobile Disco - "The Count"


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