Germany is to techno what Tennessee is to Rock and Roll: a sort of musical melting pot which was fed by technology. In the case of Tennessee, it was better guitars; in Deutschland it’s better drum machines. So, Kompakt is the Sun Records of the new electronic sound.

Starting Wednesday, the C-O Pop festival takes hold of Köln (Cologne) Germany and an endless list of talent is slated to be, well, city-wide. The heart and soul of the new scene, though, is Kompakt.

Kompakt is a cultural cooperative that incorporates production, distribution, retail and promotion. There are few labels like it in the world, if any. Housed in one building in Köln, it maintains all it’s facilities under one roof. Record studios, shops, offices and kitchens.

sQuare productions is going to Köln to film the third segment of the documentary Speaking in Code. And to take as much of it in as we can.

I hope we can blog a little from Köln, and some photos as well. We shall see.

Kompakt recently launched an MP3 site, which is a pretty brilliant move, considering the label has devoted fans in far-flung places. It’s also massive as they can maintain their aesthetic as a distributor, as a shop and as a cultural entity. Click around and buy some things.

Kompakt MP3

The Total series is available in the US on CD/LP at
Forced Exposure.


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