Mr. Jonson

The new face of undergound dance music are characters like Mathew Jonson, a kid from British Columbia and a music genius who seemed to be able to pick up anything and play it. Well, it seems he found some electronic gear quite early on. What he does and what he does it with are equally remarkable. sQuare productions heard this cut laced throughout his live sets at Mutek.

"Return of the Zombie Bikers" is his latest 10+ minute development. The endearing morse code sound (a la "rocker" and the rest) through the first three minutes of the track meets a bass doppelganger around 3:39. Then M.J. kicks it into the dub bin. Put it on in the club and note the exits.

You will get a peek at Jonson in action when our 1-minute web teaser for "Speaking in Code" shows up here... yeah, that's hype. Believe it.

For now, Mathew Jonson's latest slab:

(The volume knob goes clockwise, s.t.g.):

Mathew Jonson - "Return of the Zombie Bikers"


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Funky Squaredance!

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