We Are Monster

Dance music has, for generations, been misrepresented as repetitive, callous party music. These days, undergound dance music is developing at a pace so rapid, so effusive, that 10 years from now, we will consider it a kind of golden age.

There are a multitude of reasons, but in general it is the result of people growing up. Techno and house heads have been integrated into society, yet keep tuned to the progressive sound of electronic music and its advancement through technology.

Music and technology fit together like art and science, one mirroring the other. There were always better drums, better lutes, better trumpets. Electronics amplified this relationship and now there isn't a track you hear that hasn't been maintained on technological avenues. And as artists become more equipped and familiar with technology, the music gets better.

Isolee is the latest example. His release, which is enthusiastically rumoured to appear on a US label sometime soon, takes this whole process to a new level. We Are Monster is impeccable. Dance music that shifts like dunes. A propulsive sound that crests and spills like tides... The analogies are natural because the music itself is natural, no longer hemmed in by technology but in fact quite the opposite. It's the combination of programming and creativity that lets the sound move like a cloud -- always there, always different.

We'll write more about this as sQuare productions continues to film our electronic music documentary (working title: Speaking In Code). Demo reels have been edited, we have a title sequence &c. It's all rudimentary, but an idea and look is taking a sharp focus. .MOV posts to come.

In the meantime, enjoy a track from one of the greatest albums of the naughties, and a lock on many top 10 lists in the world: Isolee's We Are Monster. Coming soon to a store/download shop/city/place of business near you. Worth every penny.

Gloriously psychedelic dance music.

Isolee - "Enrico"


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