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It’s a funny situation, as we film Speaking in Code (9 Minute preview coming soon) seems each week we learn of a new place we want to go. The documentary, which details stories from the electronic underground in crucial scenes here and in Europe, is quickly filling up our free time.

I suppose it's part of the hazard on making a documentary about current movements and sources, but we have kept focus on those organizations which will remain for years to come and the artists with staying power.

Of course, we can’t get to all of the scenes, but lately one has consistently drawn our interest: Scandinavia. Most recently within a lengthy article by the trendmakers at XLR8R magazine, who’s newly redesigned website should be bookmarked immediately. It comes complete with mp3 downloads, updated news and new reviews.


Denmark’s Trentemöller has been jamming the file-trading class with remix after remix. His rework of Yoshimoto’s “Du What U Du” is astounding:

Yoshimoto - "Du What U Du (Trentemöller Remix)"


With tracks like “Minimal Deepness” and “Moonglow” you know what to expect with Martinez. And the fellow delivers. Coming from Copenhagen, Denmark, Martinez has a label Out of Orbit Recordings, which in just a few releases has become a must have for the discerning DJ.

Both Martinez and Trentemöller join forces to complete the best Danish cut in recent memory. The stutter at 4:32 is emblematic of their sound:

Martinez- "Shadowboxing Compressed (Trentemöller Remix)"

The Field

Probably the most refreshing sound is that of the unheralded Axel Willner, a k a The Field. With a 12” on the venerable Kompakt label (lifted from what must be the greatest demo pile in the world), The Field took everyone by the ear. Little is known of Willner aside from his labels fascinating website.

Some of these demos are on the Internet, one of which is “Sun and Ice”. I am not kidding when I say the first time I heard this track, I had to pull over to the side of the road. It’s dangerous when it’s turned up; a woozy, swaying sound begins to fuzz your ears. It’s like watching the sunset, and as the sun hit the horizon, the whole landscape changes.

In the perfect pop ambient sound of Kompakt, with a vicious dissipated bass kick. Like Kompakt’s respected leader, Wolfgang Voigt and his Gas project, it's music to be turned up and smothered in.

The Field - "Sun and Ice"

We may not get to Sweden, Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian scene, but rest assured they’ll certainly be around, and Speaking in Code will be there to watch it develop.


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