Speaking in Code Teaser Remix

The main point to this blog is the movie we are making, called Speaking In Code. In the voice of the Director:

"One thing to know: we plan on to show the influential people in this underground scene as they make it happen. This isn't a film about history - it is about right now - and it isn't a survey of every person who contributed to electronic music's past."

The idea here is this is a living, breathing documentary, designed to bring the viewer into the world of electronic music. Not to teach them about it as much as welcome them in. It's a narrative, it's meta, it's a pleasure to watch.

In our research, we've watched all the electronic music documentaries, and, well, they can be pretty brutal. Tilted camera angles, too-dark shots, too many effects and a kind of hitting-you-over-the-head, you-should-like-this mentality that is off-putting right from the get go. Not the case with SiC. This is new and fresh.

The teaser below, along with cuts in progress was scripted and reworked many times by Director-Producer Amy Grill.

Plus, we now have a trailer editor that is helping us remix our teaser, a fellow named Nate DeYoung out of New York City (currently with Kinetic), who also writes for the fabulous Stylus Magazine.

We also have a Producer -- a real clever guy named Jason Redmond is putting us up on our feet. Jason is the executive director of the Boston Independent Film Festival, the most successful film festival in Boston. He knows what works and has given valuable insight and support so far.

See the video page at squar3.com for more details.

So, Amy Grill, Philip Sherburne, David Day, Nate DeYoung, Jason Redmond and a whole slew of decent kids at Emerson College present the newest SiC teaser for your pleasure.

Watch it a couple of times and watch see how it's cut to the beat, with some keen visual edits and insights thrown in.

Speaking In Code - Teaser Remix (.mov)

Any feedback and questions are fully encouraged to amy [at] squar3 [dot] com.

Those interested in getting involved in SiC can contact jason [at] iffboston [dot] org.

More to follow.


Anonymous Paul Irish said...

Very cool. Looking forward to where this goes.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Geeta said...

hell yes this rules!!

2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

should be interesting.

7:50 PM  

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