Make It New debuts tonight

Tonight the Forced Exposure Sound System begins its
official, regular Thursday night schedule at the Middlesex. For now and into the forseeable future, the first three Thursdays of every month belong to us. So, get out your calendar and mark the first 3 Thursdays of each month: "FE @ MSEX" You'll be glad you did.

Tonight DJ Caulder (aka Erik Pearson) and David Day (aka Easy) handle the decks from 9pm until 2am. I can't begin to tell you what hot stuff we have. So let's just:

the Forced Exposure
Sound System presents:
Fünf Von Mai
(Cinco de Mayo)
w/ DJs Erik Pearson
and David Day
playing dance music

Due to lines and extended stays, it's recommended you come early and get up to get down. The night is free of charge. Mark. Your. Calendars. It's. On. Thursday.

Forced Exposure
is one of the premiere distributors of electronic music in America and your DJs: Billy Kiely (UFO), Mike Uzzi (aka Smartypants), David Day (Easy) and Erik Pearson (Caulder) always have the freshest electronic dance music on the planet. Our thin wallet is your phat fun.

MAY 5 12 19 JUNE 2 9 16 JULY 7 14 21 AUGUST 4 11 18


-- In lieu of DD headed to NYC for mini-Mutek, Nick Catchdubs, one of the hottest DJs in the US, plays at the Enormous Room this Friday. Don't miss that.

-- There's a new Cambridge-based electronic music magazine called Sonic Heart. Check out the interview with River Gods superman Rory Keohane and other nice stories.

-- Erik Pearson (DJ Caulder) is the best Boston DJ I've ever heard and he throws down free Fridays at River Gods with the newly-christened POLYPHONY.

-- May 20th Edan plays the middlesex. Edan is a rapper and DJ from Boston. Edan runs the game. The UK loves him to deaf, find out why.

Gonna be a hot summer.