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When my girlfriend and I showed up on a recent Thursday for the weekly "Forced Exposure Sound System" night, the room was packed, folks fighting to catch the attention of a bartender or one of the frazzled-looking waiters. One of Middlesex’s unique features is its movable seating: wheeled ottomans, which serve — along with the minty fresh mojitos, which everyone seemed to be drinking — as additional social lubrication, since clusters form and transform as people come and go, encouraging interaction among patrons. We walked in, pushed our way to the bar, ordered up a couple of six-dollar Tanqueray-and-tonics — not bad, considering there’s no cover Sunday through Thursday — and asked a few friendly looking folks if we could join their semicircle. "Yeah, but only if we can guess your ages," was their response — a strange request, but fair enough. They conferred with each other and made their guesses, overestimating a bit, which was fine by us younglings.

It turned out they were coworkers from a nearby technology firm, on a company outing of sorts and looking for someplace to shake a tail feather. Given the fat, pulsing quarter-note bass-drum beats that DJs David Day and Mike Uzzi were pumping through its loud and warm sound system, Middlesex seemed a good place to get down. But the dancing was sparse — either a byproduct of the clientele’s self-conscious coolness, or simply for lack of space. Despite the hipper-than-thou aura that seemed to hover in the air, the vast majority of people were surprisingly gregarious. On my second trip to the bar — this time for Miller High Life, the cheapest offering at $3 — I wondered aloud why so many people were drinking mojitos. A guy turned around and looked at me. "Just try this," he said, thrusting a glass in my face. I took a sip, catching a fresh mint leaf in my mouth, and began to understand. "No, no, no. You gotta get down there with the straw and get some of the sugar." I took a second sip of the smiling stranger’s drink and this time got the full effect. Good stuff.

DJ Spinoza Tears Off Roof

Big ups to miighty DJ Spinoza (http://www.klever.org/thebunkernyc/) who came up from NYC and ripped Boston to shreds (http://www.middlesexlounge.com/). At onepoint, we killed the lights it was awesome.

In honor, I give you the 1 song Bryan let me slip into his set. JohnnyDangerous and his "King of Clubs". Brain-blowing circus/pomp/piccolostomp-house.

"ohmigod" ... The King. Just. Wow.


from DJ Hell's My Definition of House series. LOVE it when DJ let outtheir best/favorites. I think the original came out on Nite Grooves?

More please, Mr. Hell.

sQuar3.com newslist update #001

Four things to explicitly tell you.

1: our site is now live:


Please do me a favor and sign up for the email list on the site.
(Expect updates at least every week with playlists, news and links)

Thanks a ton to Nick at Prod he rules:

2: sQuare Productions is in the Boston Phoenix this week:

We’re in the process of making a documentary about new electronic music. The working title is “Speaking in Code” … thanks to Nick Sylvester for the mention. Director Amy Grill’s busy putting together the demo reel now. Then we’ll try to get funding that’s not plastic.

DJ David Day also got a mention here.

3: DJ Spinoza is coming to the Middlesex this Thursday

RSVP at site below

Listen to his set here:
It’s like psychotronic dub kinkyfunk sound. Wicked.
He’s one of the best DJs on the east coast as far as sQuare is concerned.

With DJ Smartypants (Unlocked Groove) and UFO (Forced Exposure) opening.
9pm-2am 315 Massachussets Ave.

To make it a nice nice night we got a liquor sponsor! BUT
Due to ye olde Boston lawbooks, you have to RSVP DO SO HERE:

4: Cosmo Baker at Enormous on Friday

Know Catchdubs? Know Certified Bananas? Cosmo runs with them:
There’s a free mix on that site too.

all st*rs have eyes
930pm-2am $3.00
567 Massachusetts Ave.

Opening: DJ David Day and Erik Pearson

sQuare productions has a lot more to offer in the months and years ahead.
Get to the venues early, tip well and well… that’s it.

Don’t forget to sign up for the
at: http://www.squar3.com/site/contact.htm

That’s all.