Pure as New York Snow

As happens every two weeks, our night of dance music shift down the street in Central sQuare tonight to the Enormous Room and all st*rs have eyes.

Last night at Middlesex was packed, as Erik Pearson and I turned knobs clockwise until they stopped. Thanks to the fine folks at the Middlesex who, despite some cranky tippers, still managed to keep the crowd happy.

We did our part, also, especially with help from Mylo, the Scottish supergenius who stormed dance floors early last year with his album Destroy Rock and Roll. Since, he has worked remix after remix into the crates of the world's best DJs. His current world-wide smash (er, the world sans our country), is "In My Arms", a splendid filtered disco number that cherry-picks the best 80s riffs and puts them into one spotless <4 minute pop chune. (I heard last night that after 15 months, the album might come out in America this year. Remarkable.)

In the meantime, create a folder on your hard drive, name it Mylo, and get everything dude has ever done.

The sparkling main riff comes from Kim Carnes and "Bette Davis Eyes" one of the only pop hits from the 80s with neither an electric guitar solo nor a saxophone solo. Imminently listenable.

Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes


"Did you mean Hugg and Pepper?"

I believe Jesper and John Dahlback aka Hugg and Pepp named the four tracks off their new EP after Elephants. There's Dumbo, Babar, Pellefant (?) and Snabeln. Any help with the last two is appreciated.

This is Snabeln:

Hugg and Pepp - "Snabeln"


sQuar3.com newslist update 003

http://www.sQuar3.com/ update 003


1. Make It New tonight with Erik Pearson and David Day
2. Pearson / Day also storm the booth This Friday @ Enormous Room
3. sQuare productions heads out to SF
4. Brian Merz on the Stypod
5. Uzzi & Unlocked Groove hit NYC
6. Sylvie Marks Mix

_____________________ 1.

Make It New goes off again on Thursday.

This week it is Erik Pearson and David Day on the decks. Expect selections from
sQuare sound II and the newest dance tracks (Here's a hint: a remix of the new Missy Elliott "Lose Control"). BTW, we've heard sections of our 2CD set around town. Expect the third one before the end of the summer. There's too much good music.

_____________________ 2.

all st*rs have eyes continues to amaze and confound at the Enormous Room. Our new DJ addition Erik Pearson is starting to warm up to inevitable hip-hop/dancehall turn at midnight. You should have seen him last week. Smashing. We had the place bumping... Again.

10pm-2am $3.00

all st*rs have eyes

_____________________ 3.

sQuare productions travels to its second location for our documentary (working title "Speaking in Code"). After logging 20+ hours of footage in Montreal, Director Amy Grill and DP Scott Sans head to San Francisco next weekend. The adventure continues.

Amy Grill

_____________________ 4.

Friend of sQuar3.com Brian Merz is the guest on our favorite podcast:

Michael F. Gill's
Groovin With The Millimeters:

listen here.

Thesis is in rare form discussing the mortality of robots/trying to bed Brian.

Funny stuff.

_____________________ 5.

If you're down in NYC, or know someone who is, the Unlocked Groove crew is about to storm the place. "Boston's hottest new techno imprint" and "rising stars in the East Coast minimal scene."

Localfields & Smartypants / Heemin Yang / Jamie Rollins

subTonic / 107 Norfolk Street
(212)358-7501 / http://www.klever.org/thebunkernyc / 21+, 9p-4a

_____________________ 6.

Of course, no newsletter would be complete without a link to an MP3 mix. Here's one from Sylvie Marks from the Bpitch Control label.



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Galoppierende Zuversicht live set; Swiss Miss

Swiss phenoms Galoppierende Zuversicht, who trampled over this years Mutek festival recently played out in San Francisco at the Kontrol party. Galoppierende Zuversicht is translated as "Galloping Confidence". Styro2000 and bang goes (the two guys in GZ) hop behind their equipment as if on a horse, really, and their exuberance is as contageous as the flu.

Kontrol put up the LIVE performance here.
(right click to save)

One thing Gallop-ee-ren-day Zoo-ver-sitch made abundantly clear was the rising tide of Swiss techno making waves in int'l waters. Labels like Imploz, Bruchstuecke and clubs like Weetamix are fast becoming words people are learning to pronounce.

Mental Groove, one of the hottest-tipped labels on the earth, recently posted a whole host of mixes from the likes of St. Plomb, Water Lilly, Crowdpleaser, &c. Get them while you can:

Mental Groove

Their latest export is a half-tibetan/half-european girl named Kate Wax:

Alps is melting.