sQuar3.com mailing list update 004

(save target as for John Tejada's #1 dance track "Sweat")


1. Make It New tonight with Double D and UFO
2. Pearson/Day also work this Friday @ Enormous Room
3. sQuare productions finishes demo reel
4. Mr. Blair of Music For Robots coming to Enormous
5. sQuare blog updated daily.
6. sQuare Sound II continues

_____________________ 1.

Make It New goes off again on Thursday, as per usual.

Tonight, the sounds of UFO (Forced Exposure) and David Day. Electro-house, Detroit Techno, Acid, &c.

Middlesex Lounge

_____________________ 2.

E. Pearson and D. Day sling tracks all night.
10pm-2am $3.00

Enormous Room

_____________________ 3.

sQuare productions has completed the demo reel of our documentary film. Will put it online asap. Check http://www.squar3.com regularly or:

Amy Grill

_____________________ 4.

Friend of squar3.com, Mr. Blair from top 5 mp3 blog Music For Robots will break Enormous Room down this Saturday.

Music For Robots

_____________________ 5.

Our blog will continue to be updated with links, mixes and mp3s.
Right click -> bookmark.

sQuare blog

_____________________ 6.

We should have copies of our promotional 2CD sQuare sound II compilation on our persons at all times. Grab one or ask.

sQuare sound II




Here's a band that might become legend simply because it is an anomaly.

From the label that reissued the albums of disco saint Arthur Russell and from a New York underground picked apart by major labels -- but still thriving -- it's the meta-marketable psychiatric pop of Tralala.

At the face of it, four girls singing, three guys playing pop rock, it sounds like a marketing ploy. Recorded with precision, what is heard sounds power-pop hot, potted up and tracked to the limit. But there's some trickery here. For one, the whole plan is clearly intentional and those involved are making their entry with this. So what do they say? Musically it gets pretty raucous.

Like the opening track, which sounds more like the chant at a riot than a come on:

Tra La La - "All Fired Up"

The lyrical twists keep coming in

Tra La La - "No Pain No Pain"

Yet the cleverest cut has classy, syncopated beachbum harmonics and a killer self-loathing twist in the joyous chorus:

Tra La La - "The Girls Say"

There's tons of other kicks on the CD, but imagine seeing this live and the item becomes another thing altogether: an invitation to rebellious NYC-party music, designed to be debaucherous against all odds. But while it keeps you carousing all night, lyrically, it has you in therapy.

The desperate abandon of pop-punk gluttony with a twist.

Turn it up.


Whimsical Techno

Luciano (aka Lucien Nicolet) is one of electronic music's most beloved new producers. His recent epic remix of M83's "Teen Angst" has given him a wider audience, and if there is any justice, he'll go wider still. Luciano has kept a heavy work schedule, from relaunching the Cadenza label to playing extended DJ sets at festivals like this years Mutek festival. It was there he stepped in when his Sense Club partner Ricardo Villalobos failed to show and threw down a kind of statement set of shake-fisting, aggro-micro strength.

Over the years, he's maintained a level of consistency in his remixes and collaborations so that if you see his name alongside another, it's probably worth picking up. Consider his Amelie remix from early-on in his career:

Yann Tiersen - "Amelie (Luciano Remix)"

Shimmering, metallic, chimey trance music that bounces around a club. Yann Tiersen, like most of Luciano's source material, has a sense of melody that can be lifted right into our Chilean's fluffy static. By the end of the song, you're swaying in pulses.

The song can also be found (in much higher fidelity) on his remarkable live mix CD. It's the one that looks like a box of q-tips:

Brilliant idea, that. And the sound within, of course, is forward-thinking club music of the highest order.