sQuare sound III complete

Happy Thanksgiving from sQuare productions. About every six months, we start burning out favorite current music onto compilations that we then give away for free. The aim is purely promotional, and maybe to say thanks.

It's a two disc set, nice package, etc. We should have them on us, so if you see us, ask svp. If you're out of town, drop us a line and we'll get one out.

Disc one is for when you and friends stay in (it worked great at a cramped apartment the other night). Disc two is for blasting in your car when you are out on the town. Open the moonroof.

We should have a release party soon... in the meantime, a tracklisting:

DISK 1 _ in

1: Jan Jelinek / Universal Band Silhouette
2: Tepr / Yto
3: Metronomy / This Could Be Beautiful
4: D.M. Project / Habibi
5: Cidinho e Doca / C.I.D.A.D.E. D.E. D.E.U.S.
6: Abba / Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
7: Nego Mocambique / Watcha Gonna Do
8: Jay-Z/Kanye West / 99 Golddiggers (Erik Pearson Mix)
9: Negreton / Dile
10: Tego Calderon / Salte Del Medio
11: Unknown / Hypnotizing Stalag
12: I-Wayne / Lava Ground
13: Michael Jackson / I Can’t Help It (Tangoterje Mix)
14: Sa-Ra Creative Partners / So Special
15: Kanye West / Gone (feat. Consequence & Cam’Ron)
16: Kim Jung Mi / Now

DISK 2 _ out

1: Lindstrom & Prins Thomas / Forelopic Bit
2: Flat Pack / Sweet Child of Mine (Linus Loves Mix)
3: Rainbow Bright / The Rollah
4: Solid Groove / This Is Sick
5: Baxendale / I Built This City
6: Switch / A Bit Patchy
7: Argy / Love Dose (Luciano Remix)
8: Slam / This World (Wighnomy Bros. Remix)
9: Yoshimoto / Du What U Du (Trentmoller)
10: Rex the Dog / I Look Into Mid-Air
11: Röyksopp / 49 Percent (Ewan Pearson Half Full Remix)
12: Tamat 3000 / Feeling Love
13: Pier Bucci / Tita

and a runner-up:

Unai is a kind of micro-soul group from Sweden who have been remixed by Trentemoller (see below) and appeared in the record bag of one Michael Mayer. So that's good peoples.

This track never quite fit in the sequencing, but it's special as hell. Most of their tracks have supple vocals, and an exquisite attention to detail. This is a stuttering fluttering instrumental track. On the Disco Inc. label.

Unai - "Lucky Bastard"