Modeselektor goes off

Back to the grind in the New Year. 2006 is shaping up to be something special in the sQuare world.

First off, Speaking in Code is making great progress overseas on our second trip into Germany. Director/Producer Amy Grill is sending limited blackberry texts, but each one tends to make me more jealous than the previous. "It's awesome here" (in reference to our second visit to the great city of Koln) and "Loads of great stuff here" (in reference to Berlin and Monolake) and "Modeselektor freaking rocks"

Modeselektor is a DJ duo on BPitch Control who have recently crossed over into production, floating the brilliant Hello, Mom! in 2005, which was just nominated as album of the year at Qwartz. The pair specialize in a kind of garbage-bag techno that splices elements from Grime, Hip-Hop, Booty Bass, Detroit, Acid and all sorts of other genres until it becomes junkfunk. Their DJ sets are absolutely mad as well. sQuare caught them on the ground in Berlin and visited the BPitch offices alongside co-producer Philip Sherburne.

One of the gems from the new CD is the lead-off track which features the vocal stylings of French Hip-Hop act TTC. We've long held out that French hip-hop is the next to blow and TTC are one of the reasons why. The combination is ruthless:

Modeselektor - "Dancing Box (Feat. TTC)"

It's so ill sQuare soundsystem member Erik Pearson played it during our night at the Enormous Room without skipping a beat. Needless to say Erik was skilled in the mix. So much he had me asking "What is this?" after I had had the CD for about 3 months.

Their new remix 12" out soon features work from the massively buzzing sleeparchive and the superkid from Ghostly records: Dabrye.

We've also been keeping busy with our allies over at the Boston Phoenix who have been really happy with the way Circuits is being read. Thanks to everyone who has been reaching out to let us know what is up around town. Always reciprocated.

Circuits in the Boston Phoenix

And it'll go out to the email list but this Wednesday we're doing a night at ZuZu in Central sQuare with Unlocked Groove's Six Million Dollar Dan. We're also on for Make It New this Thursday at the Middlesex and Pan Am Fridays at Enormous Room.


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