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In terms of Stories from the New Electronic Underground, Miami is hardly home to much. This being the subtitle of our movie, I think it's likely people will ask "why Miami?"

The Winter Music Conference is the premier event for the ghettoized dance culture. That is, the big beat Ultra Music Festival is there, along with events that actually give AWARDS to people like Paul Van Dyk, Sasha and Digweed and Crystal Method.

Our film, Speaking in Code, has nothing to do with these dudes. It's about the characters dispersed throughout the independent dance scene and how they interact. And despite rumors to the contrary, there were many indie events in Miami, and we tried to film as many as we could. At places like the district to see Matthew Dear and Juan MacLean. Or onto B.E.D. to catch Marc Houle and Richie Hawtin.

There were professional reasons to go, as well. (Needed to meet up with cats like Marcus and Carsten. Needed to write a column about this show and deliver some papers. Needed to get to places where I was going to dance, and I didn't bring my camera. And needed to enjoy some patented Miami service.)

The movie's going swell, we have a few investors now and some considerable interest, so that's good. Over 110 hours of stories, characters and brilliant shots of this new scene. Out 2007. New trailer to come (swear to god, people).

And, wow, a month where we don't have to go anywhere or do anything! Except host DJ Juan MacLean at Middlesex April 6, and James F!@#$%^ Friedman April 20. (Both nights are free)

Sleeparchive is playing live in Boston this Friday (RSVP to zzz [at] zer0gsounds.com or rsvp [at] robotlovesongs.com before 12:00 noon on Thursday), The Orb is here this Wednesday and all is right with the world.

Sleep not on sleeparchive. Dude takes it back old school (he's also Skanfrom!), knows what a blip can do and rocked Avalon last weekend. He's playing a private party, so you have to RSVP and it's only $10. I know the space and it's super cool.

The music will be too. Not only do you have DJ Heemin Yang, but Function is coming up from NYC. The bill is super tight.

And the music? Well:

Sleeparchive - "Bleep 4"

Stone cold.


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