Speaking in Code Returns

Director Amy Grill and DP Scott Sans returned from Germany this weekend with a host of brilliant stories and 25 more hours of footage to add to the Speaking in Code archives. More to come at our website.

Co-producer Philip Sherburne, Earplug editor and Pitchfork columnist, also flew in from Barcelona. His post on the trip is here.

Thanks to Monolake, Sascha Funke, Modeselektor and BPitch Control, Dubplates and Mastering and Kompakt Records for letting us back into their world for some follow-up on an extraordinary organization.

Kompakt star Superpitcher returns to NYC at the Canal Room Thursday 9 February. Sleep not. (His mix CD Today was one of the year's finest).

Big shoutout to the Jena-based duo the Wighnomy Brothers (illustration above) and their label family who hosted our camera crew for three days: setting up trips to the mountains, dinners and being about as hospitable as a label could be. Jena is a town of 100,000+ in Southeast Germany where the DJ duo set up their label Freude-am-Tanzen (Joy-In-Dancing). The F-A-T Record Shop (Fat Plastics), the Kassablanca club and the label make up an organization deep inside Germany who are creating a kind of communist/techno utopia.

The label is more than the Wighnomys of course, and has a depth of talent and personality. Artists like Metaboman, Mathias Kaden and Marek Hemmann all make their home at F-A-T.

In even bigger news, The Wighnomy Brothers are coming to North America. Averse to participate in our capitalist system, and uncomfortable with the English language in general (their East German roots show in both their label philosophy and language preference), the Wighnomys are headed to Montreal Saturday 25 February.

Book your hotel rooms now. sQuare is making plans to be there. You should too.

The event is being sponsored, in part, by the Mutek organization. Their mailing list is here.

Monolake (aka Robert Henke) is the brilliant creator of Abelton Live, the music production program that many of these artists use. Henke gave our cameras a decent outline of the program's fascinating facets.

He is also a producer of music and one of the better-known techno acts here in the US, having recently toured on a visit to the Decibel festival out in Seattle.

His music is deeper than most because his knowledge is deeper than all. Monolake's music is from another place beyond pop, beyond disco and some would say beyond techno. From 2005, the deep and seductive "Invisible":

Monolake - "Invisible"

Amy and Producer Jason Redmond head to Sundance 2006 on Thursday to further establish funding and distribution contacts.

The story continues...