Furniture Music

Our Director/Producer is in LA for her work, but is keeping her ears open for some contacts with "the biz" and our producer is super busy putting together his film festival.

But we've had great feedback and contacts from some potential new producers and friends. Thanks to everyone who is reaching out.

Back in Boston, we're watching tapes from last weekend. sQuare filmed the Wighnomy Brothers in Montreal then, now putting our film archives over the 100 hour mark. The trip was a success, if for no other reason the drama getting there, wherein your intrepid film crew drove through a Vermont snowstorm (and past about 12 accidents) to get the footage for you.

All their friends were there, including Alain from MUTEK, neu-techno Godfather Akufen and sQuare friend and all-around genius/great guy Deadbeat. All these types and timelines add to the film's narrative. The way in which the Wighnomies are confronting their new success is compelling enough, but add the richness and complexity of the network, the emerging scenes and things start to take on new meaning.

Back in Boston, we're helping with a new concept in nightlife. A night of Ambient visuals and Ambient sounds called FURNITURE MUSIC.

Our partner in the night, Nog a/k/a Billy Kiely a/k/a UFO is the head of sales at my day job, Forced Exposure, a company which I cannot be more proud to say I work for.

Mike Uzzi, one of the Boston crew trying to break techno in what they call "The Hub" is spinning the local House night (BUMP!) in Central Square 26 March alongside charismatic DJ type Alan Manzi. Should be fun.

The column this week is about Jon Schmidt, a local beatmatching master, who's making a fantastic trip to Montreal himself on 10 March to open for Matthew Dear. Jon is a super-slick DJ with some great taste. Gotta go interview him right now, in fact...

What else? Oh yeah, tunes.

Border Community is one of the hottest labels on the planet, and BC chariman/capo/CEO James Holden is the hottest DJ on the planet. His At The Controls 2CD mix set is coming out at the end of the month and it's amazing. The tracklisting is fire.

Their MFA track "The Difference it Makes" is currently the song in the Speaking in Code teaser trailer, their resident music savant, Nathan Fake releases a lovely full-length soon, and their various appearances around Miami at the end of the month are eagerly-anticipated, to say the least.

This is Fairmont, an alias for Canadian Jake Fairley, with "Gazebo" -- a lovely dancable ditty that touches on a sound sQuare would like to hear more of: THE SINE WAVE.

Fairmont - "Gazebo"