Hot Chip, Juan and You

On the news front, David Day DJs tonight for super-cool UK disco-rock combo Hot Chip at Great Scott in Allston. Only $8.00 gets you to see the five-keyboard maschine alongside the Blanks and rad ravespoilation duo Big Digits. Gonna be a lot of fun.

Also happy to say we have confirmed the second guest ever at Make It New, the night we share the decks with the Forced Exposure Sound System (Billy Kiely, Mike Uzzi and Erik Pearson).

Very proud to have New England's own worldwide superstar Juan Maclean put in a guest DJ gig April 6th at our night in Central Square. It will remain free to the public, but you might want to get there early. Juan goes on at about Midnight or so to spin his favorite tracks that he's collected as one of the premiere live elctronic acts in the US. MacLean records for the venerable DFA label out of NYC. His album Less Than Human continues to sell, and his singles, like "Give Me Every Little Thing" and "You Can't Have It Both Ways" are stone-cold classics. Flyer coming soon.

As for the movie, we've just returned from a dinner meeting with Jason Redmond who gave us more valuable advice and pointers as we begin to field the interest from potential investors out there in the world. Redmond festival kicks off in Boston April 19-24th and from what he's let us in on, will be bigger and better than ever before.

The movie begins to film in New York City this weekend, starting with ground zero of the neu-electronic underground at THE BUNKER, where promoter and DJ Bryan Kasenic aka DJ Spinoza is a resident. Kasenic is also kicking off a new afternoon techno experience called Leftovers at Love, which, as far as sQuare knows, is the only afternoon/early evening party of its kind. See you there perhaps.

We featured Hot Chip's "Playboy" cut on one of our early sQuare sound compilations. Their "blue-eyed crunk" style has recently landed them on the cover of XLR8R magazine. Their shows, wherein all the members are on keyboards, playing various other instruments and generally creating super-powered party mayhem, are starting to become stories in and of themselves. Turns out we'll see them a few times in Miami, but this venue will be extra special.

It all ties in together, of course. Not only does Hot Chip have a keen ear for future funk styles, it also has excellent taste in its remix pool. Solid Groove, Naum Gabo, Jamie Lidell, Scissor Sisters have all come under their edit block.

The latest to join the fray is Kompakt records own Justus Kohncke, who appears in our documentary. Justus had to cancel his US tour at the last minute (sadly), but still garners quite a following inside America, thanks in part to love from hip record review websites like Pitchfork Media.

Here's the remix. A brilliant rework of Hot Chip's already lovely pop track "Over and Over" (check the video here), which strikes us as an ode to dance music and techno. The lyrics go: "Over and over and over and over / Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal / The joy of repetition really is in you." We would be remiss if we didn't point that Justus, in his definitive cheeky-disco style, samples Laid Back's "White Pony" surely a reference to the opening line:

"Laid back / Laid back / Laid Back / We'll give you laid back"


Hot Chip - "Over and Over (Justus Kohncke Remix)"