In the Good Life

Our ambient night happens again tomorrow, sort of snuck up on us, but it's pretty clever. We get a lamp, some lovely projections (last time it was all moon landings and ocean life) and play some of the finest ambient music we have. It's hosted by myself and Billy Kiely (aka UFO) one of the gentlemen of Boston. He's also the head of sales over at my day job.

It's a relaxing good time.

As for the film we're making (Speaking in Code), we're considering changing the subtitle from "Stories from the New Electronic Underground" to "Adventures in the New Electronic Underground" to give it an added jolt. It really is a series of adventures.

Also, as I write, our director/producer is in the other room cutting together a series of "magic moments" to provide our potential/current investors. These moments represent best the characters and segments of this new worldwide scene. A scene which includes tiny labels like Unlockedgroove and brilliant cottage empires like Kompakt as well as parties like the M3 Summit, and so forth. We'll post them as they go through the process.

In Boston, we're also curating Free the DJ on Wednesdays and have Make It New this Thursday with Kiely and Pearson on the decks, and next Thursday, special guest DJ James Friedman. A lot of which we are promoting via My Space, a site which has taken on a kind of undeniable, if apocalypic, momentum.

Which isn't to say we're losing site of the music. Today I heard a 3CD set from the Hacienda, a famous Manchester club, and was reminded of "Good Life" from Inner City -- a duo founded by Kevin Saunderson, one of the legends we mentioned in the previous post. "Good Life" is what we might call an ATC or, All Time Classic.

Our DJ at ZuZu this Wednesday has a residency at the Good Life club in Boston. It ties together, then, with our ambient night. Here's a fab acoustic mix, from one of those ubiquitous Ibiza chill-out comps. This mix is quite pleasant, though, and the genius of Paris Grey's vocal maintains. Inner City is a group whose status endures as the techno community ages.

Inner City - "Good Life (Acoustic Mix)"

And now I think -- we get some sleep.